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Contacts, Kudos & Clippings


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Minneapolis Star Tribune:
C.J.: Former KSTP-AM talker Turi Ryder wishes she had become more kindhearted but naaah: "Minneapolis StarTribune" May 6, 2019

C.J.: Former radio show talker Turi Ryder is scheduled to return for "She Said What?" book event: "Minneapolis StarTribune" June 24, 2019

C.J.: There'd be fewer graduation ceremonies if Turi Ryder ran the world: "Minneapolis StarTribune" August 2, 2019

The woman behind the curtain. Radio World Profiles: "Home Studios of the Pros" Spotlight

Chicago Radio Spotlight: "The John Landecker Interview"

All Access: "10 Questions With Turi Ryder"

Consultant Jaye Allbright writing for Radio & Records , June 2005.  "Why Aren't there More Female PD's?"

Creative Support, Partnership, and Technical Wizardry are frequently and generously supplied by these Broadcasting and Media Professionals:

John Records Landecker: jlandecker@aol.com

Valerie Geller: www.gellermedia.com

Howard Hoffman: www.toonvoices.com

Linda Matlow: www.pixintl.com

Perry Michael Simon: www.pmsimon.com -- also famously at: www.allaccess.com

Ben Patrick Johnson: www.benpatrickjohnson.com

Jeff Davis: www.jeffdavis.com

Robb Wexler: www.national-aircheck.com

Ben Fong-Torres writing for GQ Magazine , "My Hour in the Top 40 Hotseat"
Anonymous Promo Guy at Sportstalk 980 in DC
(if you can reconnect me with him, you'll win prize about this big)
Dead Penguin Meat


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