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What is Shebops?
What is Shebops?
What is Shebops?
Contacts, Kudos & Clippings
Contacts, Kudos & Clippings

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 "The Exception to the Rule"

A few from the archives:
Grandma, the Poisoner
Mac'n Bombs
Dear Computer
What Not to Share
Truth, or Internet

Cloud Storage on a Rainy Day
Your Favorite Robot

Target Therapy
I'll Be Doomed for Christmas
Tech Envy
Sugar Sugar

Real Estate App
Turi the Tiger Mommy

Fluke of Nature: The Usual Suspects:
Herman's Lucky Break
Dot Who?
The Doofus Clause:
Camel Attack
 Risks of Re-designing:
 Trademarking Occupy Wallstreet
Facial Confusion: Weiner World

Content Under Pressure: Featured Friend
She Who Hoards
Nut Neutrality
Paris' Purse: Skateboard Security
Snakes go to Cleveland
Obama's Oil:
World Cup of Coffee
Vanishing Act:
Mel Gibson, The Man
Your Warrantee: Moms on Steroids

Octuplets Anyone?: Just Hit It
The Reality Balloon:
Cash For Shleppers
 Obama's Puppy: Shoe Toss:
 :Little League Vices :Candidates At the Bar:
:Flat Laptop:  :Ink Grenade:

"In Private"
"After the Ball"

 "The Undecideds"
"Chick Fill-Ate"
"The Coldest Caucus"

:The Paper Clip Conspiracy: 
:Balloons: :Tech Guy::Online Games::Rental Envy::Vacation: :Spam: :Magic Three:
:Camera Etiquette:
 :School of Life: :New Pill: :Sticky Fruit: :Pet Secrets:
     :Love & Taxes:    :Lowered Expectations:

     :Comforting V T: :Truckin': 
    :Party Favorite:   :What We Want: 

:90: :The Gift of Soap: :Roadmap For Love:

Prais for "The Excpetions"

"An excellent weekend feature."
-Jim Farley, VP News and Local Programming, WTOP, DC

"Perfect topics, quick wit, warm delivery...a 'slice of life'...perfect for our weekend morning show."
-Ursula Reutin, Managing Editor, KIRO, Seattle

"I was looking for something fun."
John Evans, Anchor, KCBS, SF

"She can make you think and laugh..."
-Joe Wade Formicola Show, WPTF Raleigh

"Cut from a different cloth than other features."
-David Kuharski, Programming Director, KDAL

"We love them!"
-Alan Eisenson

"A friendly, youthful offering--perfect for our stream."
-Ron Gleason,  Director of News and Programming, WBBM

CBS News  Vice President Harvey Nagler, said, "Turi's unique perspective and her fascination with the absurd details of life make this feature a perfect addition.... Listeners love it when we make them laugh..... You'll want to use it on the air, and add it to your website."

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