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For a throwback to the the 2008 presidential season, check out our collaborative spot:
"Sarah Slept Here"http://youtube.com/watch?v=pUMO6zc27gg

Political ads are usually boring. That’s putting it nicely. It occurred to us that we could do a better job.

Our candidates love us (they tend to win). Labor and Environmental groups are thrilled with us (their issues get attention).

Our opponents want to know, “Where did they find these guys?”
Now you know.

Would you like to see our stuff?


TV Ads-- Click to download streaming .wmv files

Go To Jail

Keeping Us Safe

Sorting the Crooks

Sparky for Senate

Radio Commercials -- mp3 format

JJ Jelincic for Calpers Board Ad - Coupon

United Steelworkers of America Ad - Garbage

United Steelworkers of America Ad - Out of Sky

United Steelworkers of America Ad - Practice


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