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What is Shebops?
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Contacts, Kudos & Clippings

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Hell, or Florida?
Beat the Red

Here's a sample:
Graham Nash on the Everly Brothers
  Life after Brain Death?
 Endeavor Air and The Missing Pot Spokesman
Chris Matthews of Hardball

Your Tinfoil Hat;  What Your Spouse Won't Say

We were honored to return to the Twin Cities, courtesy of

If you missed the live shows-some highlights:
Ben Patrick Johnson, voice of every movie you've ever seen, takes  "The Hollywood Quiz"

Jerry Della Femina, inspiration for TV's "Mad Men",
"The Storyteller of Madison Avenue"

Turi Ryder and John Records Landecker
sometimes work together. We're very cool. And humble.

Take home a little Landecker and Ryder....

To Govern, or to Quit  Pt.1

To Govern, or to Quit  Pt.2
Clearing the Olympic Air:

Barak vs Paris:
The Clunker in Your Crawl Space

Welcome Home, Dr. Gates

John Landecker and Turi Ryder on "The River":
Drew Peterson & a Dead Fish:
Starbucks, Hash & Hillary:

More Landecker and Ryder on WLS:
The Gov & Hannah Montana:

Pavoratti Exits:  
The Shopping Lap Dance:

Landecker says: "I'll bet money we're better than anything you got." He's right. Landecker also says this site is too girly. So, Shebops butched up our site, just for John:

Contact John by clicking here.

rom So. Cal's KCAA

The  BBC_Is Valium, and Tsunami Darwinism 

In memoriam, Turi on Air America Radio:
The Republican 10 Commandments

San Francisco's Green 960AM 

Peeing at the Park, 
The Graduates 
Sleeping in your Car, 
Rebranding Blackwater,

 Bhuddist Brunch 

Turi on WLS
"Governor's Prison Makeover"
August 25, 2007
Part 1 :

Turi on WLS
"Sex or Sleep"
July 20,, 2007
Part 1 :

February, 2009
Burnt Casino? No Problem 

"Barbie Returns"
December 28, 2006
Part 1

The Dominatrix Next Door:
March 1, 2007
Part 1 :: Part 2:

"Worst Case Scenario"
December 18, 2006
Part 1 :: Part 2:: Part 3  


Free FM archived shows:
"False Parts/Got Borat?"
November 2006
Part 1 ::  Part 2

"The Germiest"
July15, 2006
Part 1

"Perry & Turi at the Movies"

July 8, 2006
Part 1 :: Part 2

May 30, 2006
Part 1

"The Engineering Excuse"
March 30, 2006
Part 1

630 WMAL

WMAL archived shows:

"Runaway Bride"
May 1, 2005
Part 1 :: Part 2 :: Part 3 :: Part 4

"Take the Test: Tom or Osama"
April 3, 2005
Part 1 :: Part 2 :: Part 3 :: Part 4

710 KIRO

KIRO archived shows:

"Married to a Predator"
March 26, 2007
Part 1 :: Part 2:: Part 3

"Who Needs Math Anyway?"
April 10, 2007
Part 1 :: Part 2:

"Wasted Time"
February 18, 2007
Part 1

"Surrender to the Machine," &  "Baby in the Water"
July 26, 2006
Part 1 :: Part 2:: Part 3

"Steal This ID"
July 17, 2005
Part 1 :: Part 2 :: Part 3 :: Part 4 :: Part 5

FM 107

Turi on FM107
Baby Swiper & the Facts of Life


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